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My Devcom 2017 Master Class in Cologne is August 22



Devcom is the developers conference that is part of the massive Gamescom business and consumer event held in Cologne, Germany each August, with Gamescom drawing over 350,000 game fans. I have the honor of serving on the Devcom conference Advisory Board.

My conference session this year is an extended Master Class titled Managing Your Team and Your Business to Ship a Great Game. This Master Class grew from my prior standard-length conference presentations for leaders and leadership teams of Indie game developers, and covers a wide range of topics from cash management to project management to people management.

Many Indie teams are born of the passion for a special game, and the creators have deep skills in all the crafts required to design and build a product that can succeed creatively and artistically.

On the other hand, Indie teams often have far less experience in company management. In our modern industry it takes a lot of proactive management to ship a great game... and shipping something great has to be the goal of every team. This highly interactive session is designed to give leaders the business tools to pursue that goal.

The Master Class will be held Tuesday, August 22, from 3.30 PM – 6:00 PM at the Cologne Messe Congress Center East