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GDC Europe 2016 in Cologne, Germany is August 15-16


GDC Europe


I'll be speaking at GDC Europe once again this year, on the topic of "8 Secrets to a Long Career in Games." The conference runs in the two days before Gamescom, the massive consumer-targeted  games show in Cologne.

In addition to my "8 Secrets" talk, I'll also be teaming up with Patric Palm of Hansoft on a sponsored session called "Organising for Creativity and Success 2016." I'll be discussing new demands on game production, and Patric will discuss these topics and also show a demo of Favro, Hansoft's new collaboration tool. I've been exploring Favro's features and have already started using it on one of my clients' projects.

The Gamasutra article that announced my session also reveals a really interesting scheduled talk by Jacob Mikkelsen & Mette Poedenphant Andersen from the team at IO Interactive that creates the Hitman series, titled "Level Design in Hitman: Guiding Players in a Non-Linear Sandbox."