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The Fog Seller: A San Francisco Mystery

Fog Seller Front Cover Med for Web

Some of you may know that I was a professional writer and teacher before the games industry began. In addition to being a Game Developer, for the last seven years I've taken little pockets of late-night time for a writing project I wanted to bring to life.

That project is The Fog Seller, a mystery novel set in San Francisco, and it just went on sale (e-book and paperback). If you've ever felt like people just make assumptions instead of really listening to you, this story will feel familiar. If you like mysteries or love stories please take a look at it on Amazon. I'd also be deeply grateful for an Amazon review if you give it a read.

The one influence from years of working on online and mobile games: the chapters are shorter than in many novels, to make them easier to read waiting to pick up the kids or as a break at lunch.

The Fog Seller is the story of Steve Ondelle, a Sausalito ferry deckhand and a deeply introverted young man who never answers questions about his past. He's the perfect suspect in a political assassination around a billion-dollar land deal, because he acts and sounds guilty even though he's innocent.

With his street-performer roommate Liam the Fog Seller and a bizarre collection of friends like Leonard the Human Statue, astronomer Paula Costa, The Prophet of Market Street, veterinary physical therapist Emma Hernandez, and radio DJ Phil Steen, Steve takes on the lies of the wealthy and the powerful in San Francisco.

I'd love to hear your feedback if you read it!