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AIAS Foundation Announces Pausch and Beaumont Scholarship Winners


AIAS 2014
 L to R: Chitvan Gupta, Danielle Powers, Anthony Scott and Lee Anne Opfer


To see the 2015 AIAS Scholars announcement, please click here!


I have the honor of serving as the volunteer President of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Foundation, the charitable wing of the AIAS.

Among other programs, we administer the Randy Pausch and Mark Beaumont Scholarships, which are awarded annually to top undergraduate and graduate university students pursuing careers in the games industry.

These annual scholarships honor the memory of Randy Pausch, Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, and of Mark Beaumont, long-time games industry executive at Capcom, Activision and Midway.

We are delighted to announce the 2014 recipients of these $2,500 scholarships:


Randy Pausch Scholarships

Anthony Scott, Entertainment Technology graduate student
Carnegie Mellon University 

Chitvan Gupta, Computer Science graduate student 
University of Southern California


Mark Beaumont Scholarships 

Danielle Powers, Entertainment Arts & Engineering student 
University of Utah

Lee Anne Opfer, Computer Graphics Technology student 
Purdue University


Congratulations to this year's AIAS Scholars!  You'll find the complete AIAS press release here

If you or your company would like to to fund a scholarship in the name of another individual or organization, or to financially support the Pausch and Beaumont funds, please contact me and I'll connect you to the right people at the AIAS. All donations are tax deductible.