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How Madden NFL Has Changed Over Five Generations


As part of research I'm doing on Daglow's Laws I collected screenshots and videos from five different cpnsole generations of Madden Football, and I thought it would be fun to share the results here.

Looking at the five screen shots in succession and then watching the five videos in order takes you through over twenty years of the evolutuion of our industry.

For the record, the only perfect way to do a side by side review would be to run each game on identical TV's on their respective systems, which you're unlikely to be able to do at home, at least without doing a lot of digging in your basement and buying several additional TV's.

Hence this "best process we can complete in the comfort of your home," and I have a paragraph below about the compromises I made in the process.


A.  Madden 92 on Sega Genesis 

Madden Genesis




B.  Madden NFL 96 on PlayStation 1 (PSX, PS1) 

Madden PS1




C.  Madden NFL 2002 on PS2

Madden PS2




D.  Madden NFL 07 on PS3 

Madden PS3




E.  Madden NFL 15 on PS4

Madden PS4




Caveats: Why These are Imperfect Comparisons 

The screenshots are all shown in a 600-pixel-wide format.  That arbitrary resolution (based on the layout of this website) disguises some of the differences between the images, since it lowers the resolution of the higher-res modern games.

Different people took the videos and uploaded them in different resolutions, which tend to parallel the growth in game video resolution but don't align exactly with that growth.  Again, this tends to subtract resolution from some of the newer versions.

The video clips come from YouTube, which uses compression technology to speed up videos, also affecting the modern games to some degree. You need to hit the Full Screen button to expand the videos to see them in the highest available resolution, which may be lower than the resolution of the actual game.