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Randy Pausch and Mark Beaumont Scholarship Winners Announced for 2013


Note: For the 2014 winners, please click here!

As President of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Foundation (the philanthropic arm of the AIAS), I'm proud to pass along that we have announced this year's winners for the Randy Pausch and Mark Beaumont Scholarships.


Pausch LogoThe Randy Pausch Scholarship was created by the Academy of Interactive Arts and ciences in 2008 to honor the late Co-Founder of the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Randy Pausch. The scholarship is awarded to two outstanding students each year who are enrolled in college or graduate study programs pursuing careers specializing in the creative and/or production crafts of interactive entertainment.

Our winners for 2013 are Ji “Atlas” Chen (a New York University MFA candidate studying Game Design) and Erin Loelius (a California Institute of the Arts student studying Character Animation).  Each will receive $2,500.  Here are their quotes from the press release:

Ji Chen:  “Thanks very much to the Randy Pausch scholarship committee. It is such a warm welcome from the game industry to a humble student from China trying to find his place in this new land.”

Erin Loelius: "I am so thankful to the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences for supporting artists in their pursuit to further the digital art world. Randy Pausch is such an inspirational figure in digital media and it's a great honor to be awarded on his behalf. I intend to prove I'm a rightful candidate with the work I produce this year at CalArts, which thanks to them, I am able to put not just my time into but all of my heart and energy."


AIAS Winnerrs 2013


Beaumont LogoThe Mark Beaumont Scholarship was instituted by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences in 2010 in honor of the late COO of Capcom North America and Europe, Mark Beaumont, who passed away unexpectedly that year. The award is designed to reward outstanding undergraduate and graduate level students pursuing careers in the business of interactive entertainment.

Sarah Conde (a Kennesaw State University graduate student studying Global Integrated Communication) and Raymond Tan (an undergraduate student at Ohio State University studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship) are the 2013 recipients of Mark Beaumont Scholarships. Each will receive $2,500.  Here are their quotes from the press release:

Sarah Conde:  "I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. I am confident that the Mark Beaumont Scholarship will enable me to pursue my research interests and positively contribute to the video game industry. While the world of interactive entertainment is becoming more and more diverse each day, there is still a great deal of work to do. Women deserve to have a voice in games, and now I feel ready to truly use mine."

Raymond Tan: “I am very grateful for the opportunities and support I have received throughout my life and in my college career; as I enter my last year of college, I do so with a clarity of mind and a knowledge of the impact I have had on the interactive media industry and the impact my generation stands to make. It is an honor and a privilege to have been selected as a Mark Beaumont scholar and this scholarship is a testament to this industry’s commitment to paying it forward and investing in tomorrow’s leaders.”


If you'd like to learn more about the AIAS Foundation's scholarships please go to the AIAS Foundation's scholarships page.   You can find the complete press release for this year's winners here.

If you'd like to donate money to grow the Pausch or Beaumont scholarship funds or to fund a scholarship in the name of another individual or company, please contact Alicia Padia Walles at the AIAS.  All donations are tax deductible.