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Randy Pausch and Mark Beaumont Scholarships Deadline is June 28

Pausch Beaumont

If you know any university students pursuing a career in the games business, please let them know  that the deadline for submitting applications for the AIAS Foundation's 2013 scholarships is Friday, June 28.

The Randy Pausch Scholarships (which honor the late Carnegie Mellon ETC Founder and "The Last Lecture" author Randy Pausch) and Mark Beaumont Scholarships (endowed in memory of longtime Capcom executive Mark Beaumont) are valued at $2,500 each.

Students who are enrolled at the undergraduate or graduate level who are pursuing a career in the games industry are eligible. The Pausch Scholarships are aimed at students who are planning careers in Game Development (production, game design, art, animation, programming, engineering, music composition, sound design, and related fields), and the Beaumont Scholarships target students planning careers in the business of games (marketing, public relations, management, law, business development etc.).  

As I mentioned in my original post, I would not take a rigid view of the labels "game development" and "business."  Students are encouraged to apply for one or both of the scholarships if their career plans don't align clearly into any one particular column.

A note to share with prospective students that will sound familiar to my associates and friends: We all tend to talk ourselves out of trying things "because they'd never pick me" or "because I could never win."  Several of our past winners have said, "Wow, I never expected to win against so many other applicants!"  The key is that instead of giving up thay did still apply, and if they hadn't applied (of course) they would not have won.  Encourage these students not to skip this opportunity and to give it a try, because a few months from now they may be thanking you for helping them earn one of these scholarships.

The Application Form for the Randy Pausch Scholarship is here.

The Application Form for the Mark Beaumont Scholarship is here.

More information about the AIAS Foundation's scholarships is on the AIAS Foundation's scholarships page

If you'd like to donate to the Pausch or Beaumont scholarship funds or fund a scholarship to honor another individual or company, please contact Alicia Padia Walles at the AIAS.  All donations are tax deductible.