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Randy Pausch and Mark Beaumont Scholarships Deadline is June 28

GDC Europe is August 19-21 2013

GDC EuropeI'll be speaking again at GDC Europe in Cologne, Germany this year, the ninth consecutive year I've given a presentation at GDC or its predecessor conference, the Games Convention Developers Conference in Leipzig.  The first six of those years I had the honor of serving on the Advisory Board, one of my favorite volunteer positions in my career because of the calibre of the people around me.

Both the current show in Cologne and the previous version in Leipzig (which was acquired by UBM several years ago) are/were scheduled to precede the huge Gamescom consumer games show, which in 2012 drew over 200,000 visitors to Cologne.  The old show in Leipzig was called Games Convention and the name change took place when it moved to Cologne in 2008.

This year my topic will be "This Time It's Different: Treasures and Traps in Next Gen." The idea came to me because I keep hearing people talking about historical patterns of hardware transitions... and getting their history and their facts (and therefore their conclusions) all wrong.

The German game development community plays an especially active role hosting this pan-European show, and I've formed many friendships working there over the last several years.  If you're going to this year's show I hope I'll see you there.