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Casual Connect 2013 and the IGDA Summit are July 30-Aug. 1

IGDA SummitCasual Connect San Francisco and the IGDA Summit this year are trying an experiment by sharing their schedule and venues at the San Francisco downtown Hilton.

I'm a long time supporter of both the Casual Games Association and the IGDA (which Ernest Adams should get a lot more credit for founding than I perceive to be the case), so it would be great to see this arrangement work out well for both teams.

And yes, I acknowledge that the IGDA is embroiled (yet again) in (largely unproductive) controversy over its mission this year.  These windstorms tend to divert attention from the fact that there are great IGDA chapters all over the world that are meeting regularly to discuss the art form that we practice and advance the craft of game making.  Go to any of those meetingsd and you'll see the true strength of the organization in the commitment of the people there to growing and evolving each of our creative crafts.

But I digress.

At the conference this year I'll be on the IGDA side of the house, presenting an updated version of the talk I gave at GDC, "10 Questions: Am I Ready to Go Indie?"  I hope to see you there!